Boot Camp Batters Brave Balmain Battlers

A tyring exercise
This is very tyring

Balmain’s squad for season 2005 overcame their first major obstacle on the pre season road to peak fitness, negotiating a 26 hour “boot camp” on the weekend. The brainchild of new first team coach, Luke Andrews, the camp was designed to challenge the players both physically and mentally while at the same time strengthening the team bond.
High(?)lights of the camp included the leg-busting two hour warm up which involved run up and down the painfully sloped hill at Leichhardt no2, at times carrying tyres above their heads; an aqua-aerobics pool session that was cut short by a wild electrical storm; and of course the walk around the bay run circuit in miserable wet conditions which began at 5:30pm and ended at 6am.
In all, most of the boys ended up walking around the bay circuit six times, which is a wee bit further than a marathon. All agreed it was a unique experience, some parts enjoyable and others traumatically painful, but most weren’t too keen on repeating it any time soon. Time will heal the thigh cramps and the blisters, and the Tigers will emerge physically fit and mentally strong for the season ahead.
Don’t miss the selection of photos from the day posted up in our gallery.

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