Kick it between the posts!

The fans were left tearing up their tickets in frustration after witnessing 180 minutes of goalless “action” at Kellyville on Saturday night. The first grade match was a tightly contested affair, with both teams unable to capitalise on golden opportunites to win the match. Balmain had two one-on-ones in the second half saved by the Kellyville keeper, the name “Kahn Catch” on the back of his shirt somewhat understating his powers. For Balmain, keeper Harry pulled off a man of the match performance, parrying shot after shot as well as doing his best impersonation of a salmon to pluck countless dangerous incoming crosses out of the air. The result sees the team’s faint sniff of a chance of making the finals almost evaporated.
The reserve team were left with the bare minimum of 11 players after the late withdrawal of a couple of players. Despite this they gave a good account of themselves and dominated the match in the second half. A couple of last ditch saves, goal line clearances, and a shot that hit the post were all that stood between Balmain and victory. Sadly though it was enough and the game ended scoreless.