Legs Eleven

Balmain’s second round clash with Roosters FC turned out to be a game that will live long in the spectators’ memories, as the sides produced a pulsating 11 goal thriller. Unfortunately for the competition cellar dwellars, the mighty Tigers scored all 11 goals while racking up the biggest win in the league this season. After a three goal blitz in the first ten minutes plus a cracking free kick from Hass Reda, Balmain coasted into half time with a healthy 4-0 lead. The second half was a merciless seven goal rout as the Tigers made the Roosters run around like… wait for it… you know it’s coming… chooks with their heads cut off. Boom boom ching. In a game where everyone who played in front of the back four scored, Dave Hardwick led the way with four goals.
Our sideline eye informs us that Dave Grill, high on the euphoria of a 10-0 lead and with time almost up, loudly proclaimed “if they score 11 I’ll strip naked and run nude round the park”. No sooner had the word nude rolled off his tongue than the referee’s ears pricked up and the whistle was blown, not for full time, but for a last minute penalty. Ah well Dave, we’re still waiting…
Reserve grade entrenched themselves in the top three with a tidy 3-1 win in the earlier fixture. After taking an early 2-0 lead, the Tigers faced a bit of a struggle for much of the game against opponents with a lot more spirit than their first team clubmates. However they sealed a deserved win with Andre’s silky run and finish in injury time.